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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticoida: Marpissoida: Dendryphantini: Itatina 
Group: Synagelina
Specimen: AZS13-8270
Collection: WPM#13-092
U.S.A.: ARIZONA: Pima Co.: Madera Canyon, Whitehouse Picnic Area 31.734 °N 110.882 °W
Synageles male
Group: Synagelina
Specimen: NA13-5912
Collection: WPM#13-013
CANADA: BRITISH COLUMBIA: near Osoyoos, Hayne's Lease Ecol. Res. 49.0813 to 49.0804 °N 119.5181 to 119.5184 °W
AZS13-8267.JPG — WPM#13-092 AZS13-8270.JPG — WPM#13-092

Synageles juvenile
Group: Synagelina
Specimen: NA14-1470
Collection: WPM#14-064
MÉXICO: MICHOACAN: Morelia, Cuanajillo, El Aguila 19.647 to 19.645 °N 101.339 to 101.349 °W
NA13-5998.JPG — WPM#13-013 NA13-5999.JPG — WPM#13-013 NA13-6000.JPG — WPM#13-013

NA14-1469.JPG — WPM#14-064 NA14-1470.JPG — WPM#14-064
        [Many identifications are tentative] Synageles to Itata

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