Salticid Images  

Wayne Maddison

This site offers photographs of salticids, most of them taken by me. The classification is based on that in Maddison WP. 2015. A phylogenetic classification of jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae). Journal of Arachnology 43:231–292, and subsequent modifications. More information on the classification can be found here.

As images are added and metadata edited, any older versions will be archived and presented at the bottom of this page. The current version (20 November 2015) is here, with geographical subsets available separately:

Copyright indications are in the hovertext for the thumbnails, and on the page for each full size image. Most are released under a Creative Commons License, and thus are available for re-use. If you want to download them in bulk, contact me for information to facilitate it.

Most of the specimens are deposited in University of British Columbia's Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Spencer Entomological Collection. Many identifications are tentave. To correct a misidentification, please write to me, indicating the image number.

Some species, either unidentified or undescribed, are labelled by a five-letter code (e.g., "BVBND") or other informal name. These are not to be interpreted as implicitly formal species names.

Many of these species are undescribed, new to science. In some cases, I am already working on the species descriptions and illustrations. If there are indications that a species photographed here is new or unidentified, and you are considering publishing a description of the species, it would be ethical to write to me and ask before describing it as a new species, in case I am already be working on a species description. Consider this as a fair exchange, because if I am not describing the species, then you are welcome to use the photographs in your own publication describing the species.

This collection of photographs is largely unfiltered. Thus, some specimens are represented by many photographs. I plan to offer a filtered version, with only a few photographs per species, to be more suitable as a guide for identification.

First online 20 November 2015