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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticoida: Marpissoida: Ballini 
SWK12-4264.JPG — WPM#12-123 SWK12-4265.JPG — WPM#12-123 SWK12-4267.JPG — WPM#12-123 SWK12-4268.JPG — WPM#12-123

juvenile Group: Simaethina
Specimen: SWK12-3821
Collection: WPM#12-105
MALAYSIA: Sarawak: Lambir Hills Nat. Pk., Pantu Trail 4.2021 to 4.2020 °N 114.0429 to 114.0425 °E
SWK12-4269.JPG — WPM#12-123 SWK12-3819.JPG — WPM#12-105

SWK12-3820.JPG — WPM#12-105 SWK12-3821.JPG — WPM#12-105
        [Many identifications are tentative] Afromarengo

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