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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticoida: Saltafresia: Plexippini: Plexippina 
Pancorius female
Group: Plexippina
Specimen: SWK12-4643
Collection: WPM#12-127
MALAYSIA: Sarawak: Lambir Hills Nat. Pk., Main and Latak Trails 4.1982 to 4.2018 °N 114.0434 to 114.0453 °E
SWK12-4641.JPG — WPM#12-127 SWK12-4642.JPG — WPM#12-127 SWK12-4643.JPG — WPM#12-127

Plexippus paykulli
Plexippus paykulli male
Group: Plexippina
Specimen: GBN07-1743
Collection: WPM#07-016
GABON: Moyen-Ogooué: Lambaréné 0.698 °S 10.230 °E
salt1053.jpg — Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Araruama

Plexippus paykulli female
Group: Plexippina
Specimen: ECU11-4656
Collection: WPM#11-015
ECUADOR: ORELLANA: Yasuní Res.Stn.area, Station area 0.675 °S 76.397 °W
GBN07-1739.JPG — WPM#07-016 GBN07-1742.JPG — WPM#07-016 GBN07-1743.JPG — WPM#07-016
        [Many identifications are tentative] Pancorius to Plexippus

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