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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticoida: Saltafresia: Euophryini 
Coccorchestes subadult male
Group: Euophryini
Specimen: 2008PNG-1994
Collection: WPM#08-012
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Southern Highlands Province: Umgé 5.304 to 5.305 °S 142.512 to 142.510 °E
2008PNG-1988.JPG — WPM#08-012 2008PNG-1989.JPG — WPM#08-012 2008PNG-1990.JPG — WPM#08-012

Coccorchestes female
Group: Euophryini
Specimen: 2008PNG-3315
Collection: WPM#08-025
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Eastern Highlands Province: Mt. Gahavisuka Provincial Park 6.015 °S 145.412 °E
2008PNG-1991.JPG — WPM#08-012 2008PNG-3315.JPG — WPM#08-025

Colyttus bilineatus
Colyttus bilineatus male
Group: Euophryini
Specimen: SWK12-1640
Collection: WPM#12-028
MALAYSIA: Sarawak: Mulu Nat. Pk., Clearwater Cave Trail 4.0592 to 4.0589 °N 114.8291 to 114.8289 °E
SWK12-1630.JPG — WPM#12-028 SWK12-1631.JPG — WPM#12-028
        [Many identifications are tentative] Coccorchestes to Colyttus

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