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    Salticidae: Spartaeinae: Spartaeini: Spartaeina 
Paracyrba male
Group: Spartaeina
Specimen: SGM05-3510
Collection: WPM#05-026
MALAYSIA: SELANGOR: Ulu Gombak Field Station 3.325 °N 101.753 °E
SGM05-3374.JPG — WPM#05-025 SGM05-3375.JPG — WPM#05-025

SGM05-3503.JPG — WPM#05-026 SGM05-3507.JPG — WPM#05-026 SGM05-3508.JPG — WPM#05-026 SGM05-3510.JPG — WPM#05-026

Phaeacius juvenile
Group: Spartaeina
Specimen: SGM05-3065
Collection: WPM#05-020
SINGAPORE: Lim Chu Kang Mangroves 1.44 °N 103.70 °E
SGM05-3062.JPG — WPM#05-020 SGM05-3063.JPG — WPM#05-020
        [Many identifications are tentative] Neobrettus to Phaeacius

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