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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticoida: Marpissoida: Dendryphantini: Dendryphantina 
Messua? female
Group: Dendryphantina
Specimen: JAL14-8596
Collection: WPM#14-002
MÉXICO: JALISCO: Puerto Vallarta, Estero el Salado 20.662 to 20.667 °N 105.240 to 105.241 °W
JAL14-8593.JPG — WPM#14-002 JAL14-8594.JPG — WPM#14-002 JAL14-8595.JPG — WPM#14-002

Metaphidippus carmenensis
JAL14-8596.JPG — WPM#14-002 salt0680.jpg — WPM#85-053

Metaphidippus carmenensis male
Group: Dendryphantina
Specimen: AZS13-7534
Collection: WPM#13-077
MÉXICO: SONORA: Puerto Peñasco, Estero Morúa 31.296 to 31.297 °N 113.490 to 113.492 °W
salt0681.jpg — WPM#85-053 salt0682.jpg — WPM#85-053 AZS13-7530.JPG — WPM#13-077
        [Many identifications are tentative] Messua to Metaphidippus

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