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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Amycoida: Sitticini 
Sitticus pubescens
Sitticus pubescens female
Group: Sitticini
Specimen: 2010SAL-0153
Collection: WPM#10-015
POLAND: along Bug River near Neple 52.136 to 52.138 °N 23.512 to 23.519 °E
2010SAL-0151.JPG — WPM#10-015 2010SAL-0152.JPG — WPM#10-015

Sitticus saltator
Sitticus saltator male
Group: Sitticini
Specimen: GER07-0169
Collection: WPM#07-002
GERMANY: Saxony: Authausen 51.607 °N 12.711 °E
2010SAL-0153.JPG — WPM#10-015 GER07-0158.JPG — WPM#07-002

GER07-0159.JPG — WPM#07-002 GER07-0160.JPG — WPM#07-002 GER07-0161.JPG — WPM#07-002 GER07-0162.JPG — WPM#07-002
        [Many identifications are tentative] Sitticus

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