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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Amycoida: Bredini 
Sitticus female
Group: Sitticini
Specimen: ECU10-1233
Collection: WPM#10-032
ECUADOR: NAPO: Río Salado at highway 45 0.1996 °S 77.7023 °W
ECU10-1226.JPG — WPM#10-032 ECU10-1231.JPG — WPM#10-032 ECU10-1232.JPG — WPM#10-032

Breda akypueruna
ECU10-1234.JPG — WPM#10-032

Breda akypueruna male
Group: Bredini
Specimen: ECU11-5750
Collection: WPM#11-055
ECUADOR: ORELLANA: Yasuní Res.Stn.area, forest edge near Station 0.675 °S 76.397 °W
ECU11-5732.JPG — WPM#11-055 ECU11-5733.JPG — WPM#11-055 ECU11-5734.JPG — WPM#11-055
        [Many identifications are tentative] Sitticus to Breda

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