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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticoida: Astioida : Viciriini: Simaethina 
2008PNG-0584.JPG — WPM#08-007 2008PNG-0588.JPG — WPM#08-007 2008PNG-0589.JPG — WPM#08-007 2008PNG-0591.JPG — WPM#08-007

cf. Urogelides juvenile
Group: Simaethina
Specimen: 2008PNG-0596
Collection: WPM#08-007
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Enga Province: Paiam Forest, near Suyan Village 5.495 °S 143.144 °E
2008PNG-0592.JPG — WPM#08-007 2008PNG-0593.JPG — WPM#08-007 2008PNG-0594.JPG — WPM#08-007

cf. Urogelides male
Group: Simaethina
Specimen: 2008PNG-1847
Collection: WPM#08-013
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Southern Highlands Province: Umgé 5.304 °S 142.512 °E
2008PNG-0596.JPG — WPM#08-007 2008PNG-1834.JPG — WPM#08-013 2008PNG-1837.JPG — WPM#08-013
        [Many identifications are tentative] cf. Urogelides

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