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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticoida: Astioida : Astiini 
Astiini genus unidentified
2008PNG-3332.JPG — WPM#08-025 2008PNG-3333.JPG — WPM#08-025

Group: Astiini
Specimen: 2008PNG-2216
Collection: WPM#08-018
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Southern Highlands Province: trail from Tualapa to Umgé 5.2912 to 5.2918 °S 142.5006 to 142.5001 °E
2008PNG-2211.JPG — WPM#08-018 2008PNG-2212.JPG — WPM#08-018 2008PNG-2213.JPG — WPM#08-018

PNDBRN female
Group: Astiini
Specimen: 2008PNG-2293
Collection: WPM#08-008
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Southern Highlands Province: Tualapa, near Wanakipa 5.283 °S 142.498 °E
2008PNG-2214.JPG — WPM#08-018 2008PNG-2215.JPG — WPM#08-018 2008PNG-2216.JPG — WPM#08-018
        [Many identifications are tentative] Orthrus to

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