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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticoida: Astioida : Myrmarachnini 
Myrmarachne male
Group: Myrmarachnini
Specimen: 2008PNG-3122
Collection: WPM#08-024
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Eastern Highlands Province: Goroka 6.07 °S 145.40 °E
2008PNG-3111.JPG — WPM#08-024 2008PNG-3121.JPG — WPM#08-024 2008PNG-3122.JPG — WPM#08-024

Myrmarachne female
Group: Myrmarachnini
Specimen: 2008PNG-4062
Collection: WPM#08-029
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Central Province: Varirata National Park 9.436 °S 147.364 °E
2008PNG-4056.JPG — WPM#08-029 2008PNG-4062.JPG — WPM#08-029

cf.Myrmarachne female
Group: Myrmarachnini
Specimen: 2008PNG-2603
Collection: WPM#08-019
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Southern Highlands Province: Putuwé, junction of Lagaip & Uruwabwa Rivers 5.231 °S 142.532 °E
2008PNG-2571.JPG — WPM#08-019 2008PNG-2572.JPG — WPM#08-019 2008PNG-2574.JPG — WPM#08-019
        [Many identifications are tentative] Myrmarachne to cf.Myrmarachne

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