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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticoida: Astioida : Viciriini: Simaethina 
Simaetha GNBLK juvenile
Group: Simaethina
Specimen: SWK12-4889
Collection: WPM#12-138
MALAYSIA: Sarawak: Lambir Hills Nat. Pk., Bukit Pantu Trail 4.2043 to 4.2047 °N 114.0302 to 114.0303 °E
SWK12-4879.JPG — WPM#12-138 SWK12-4881.JPG — WPM#12-138 SWK12-4882.JPG — WPM#12-138

SWK12-4883.JPG — WPM#12-138 SWK12-4884.JPG — WPM#12-138 SWK12-4886.JPG — WPM#12-138 SWK12-4887.JPG — WPM#12-138

Simaetha POMLU
Simaetha POMLU male
Group: Simaethina
Specimen: SWK12-3426
Collection: WPM#12-098
MALAYSIA: Sarawak: Mulu Nat. Pk., beach on Melinau River 4.0432 °N 114.8110 °E
SWK12-4888.JPG — WPM#12-138 SWK12-4889.JPG — WPM#12-138
        [Many identifications are tentative] Simaetha

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