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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Amycoida: Scopocirini 
ECU10-3414.JPG — WPM#10-065 ECU10-3415.JPG — WPM#10-065 ECU10-3418.JPG — WPM#10-065 ECU10-3419.JPG — WPM#10-065

Gypogyna cf. forceps
ECU10-3420.JPG — WPM#10-065

Scopocira SCORG
Scopocira SCORG female
Group: Scopocirini
Specimen: ECU11-3732
Collection: WPM#11-017
ECUADOR: ORELLANA: Yasuní Res.Stn.area, Coca Trail 0.6754 to 0.6757 °S 76.3966 to 76.3967 °W
salt0348.jpg — WPM#94-030
        [Many identifications are tentative] Titanattus to Scopocira

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