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    Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticoida: Marpissoida: Ballini 
Ballus subadult male
Group: Ballini
Specimen: GBN07-0385
Collection: WPM#07-006
GABON: Woleu-Ntem: Monts de Cristal, Tchimbélé 0.621 °N 10.396 °E
GBN07-0384.JPG — WPM#07-006

Pachyballus female
Group: Ballini
Specimen: GBN07-1150
Collection: WPM#07-011
GABON: Woleu-Ntem: Monts de Cristal, Tchimbélé, Botanical Trail 0.621 °N 10.407 °E
GBN07-1121.JPG — WPM#07-011 GBN07-1139.JPG — WPM#07-011 GBN07-1150.JPG — WPM#07-011

Peplometus male
Group: Ballini
Specimen: GBN07-1416
Collection: WPM#07-012
GABON: Woleu-Ntem: Monts de Cristal, Tchimbélé 0.634 °N 10.378 °E
GBN07-1412.JPG — WPM#07-012 GBN07-1416.JPG — WPM#07-012
        [Many identifications are tentative] Ballus to Peplometus

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