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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2003

Genus Yllenus Simon, 1868

COLOR PHOT: [arenarius - photograph by Mr. M. Bartos ] [univittatus - photographs by Mr. A. Senglet ] [univittatus 
by B. Knoflach]
Species from the new monograph Logunov, Marusik 2003b.are marked by [by Log.] 
[TYPE SPECIES  arenarius ][arenarius by Logunov] 

[Definition and division of Yllenus] 
[Survey of albocinctus group] [Survey of arenarius group] [Survey of hamifer group]
[ albifrons ] [albifrons by Log.][ albocinctus ][albocinctus by Log.][algarvensisby Log.][arabicus][arabicus = = saliens by Log.][aralicus by Log.][auriceps by Log.] [auspex ][auspex by Log.][bactrianus][bactrianus by Log.] [bajan][bajan by Log.][bakanas by Log.][baltistanus][bator]][bator by Log.][brueggeri by Log.][bucharaensis by Log.] [caspicus by Log.][charynensis by Log.][coreanus][coreanus by Log.][dalaensis by Log.][desertus by Log.][dunini by Log.] [desertus][ elegans ][elegans by Log.][erzinensis by Log.] [flavociliatus][flavociliatus by Log.][ gajdosi] [gavdos by Log.][guseinovi by Log.][halugim by Log.][ hamifer ][hamifer by Log.][ horvathi ][horvathi by Log.] [kulczynskii ] [ improcerus][israelensis][ kalkamanicus][karakumensis by Log.][karnai by Log.][kononenkoi by Log.][kotchevnik by Log.][ knappi ][knappi by Log.][s. kronebergi] [kulczynskii by [lyachovi][maoniuensis by Log.][ marusiki ] [ mirandus][ mongolicus ][mongolicus by Log. [mirabilis by Log.] by Log.][murgabicus by Log.][namulinensis by Log.][nigritarsis by Log.][nurataus by Log.][pamiricus by Log.][pavlenkoae by Log.][s. probatus ][pseudobajan by Log.][pseudovalidus by Log.][ ranunculus ] [ robustior ] [rotundiorificus ]][saliens by Log.][ salsicola ] [salsicola by Log.][shakhsenem by Log.][skalanicus][ somonensis ] [squamifer] [squamifer by Log.] [saliens][staregai] [tamdybulak by Log.][ tschoni][tschoni by Log.][turkestanicus by Log.][ tuvinicus ][uiguricus by Log.][ univittatus ][univittatus by Log.][uzbekistanicus by Log.[validus by Log.] [ validus ][ vittatus ] [vittatus by Log.][zhilgaensis by Log.][zyuzini by Log.]
Distributional  ranges of group of species (from Logunov D.V., Marusik Y.M.2003b: 20-21, maps 2-5.)


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