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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Genus Tasa Wesolowska, 1981

replacement name for preoccupied Thianella Schenkel, 1963

Diagnoses of genera of South East Asia: Dark salticids with broad flattish carapace and long front legs. Found on shrubs and plants. General remarks: Spiders of this group are not uncommon on the leaves of garden shrubs as well as in rain forest. They attract the attention (especially of children) because the males are often seen confronting one another in a threatening manner and conducting what appears to be a sparring bout. This analogy comes about because the males hold their front legs in much the same way as two boxers approaching each other. Aided by good eyesight, this type of behaviour is not uncommon in lively, colourful salticid males and, under suitable conditions, can be induced by bringing up a mirror in front of such a salticid male. Genus: Tasa. This genus is tentatively placed in this group since the type, described by Schenkel, was likened to Thiania (In fact Schenkel called his species Thianella davidi, and Tasa is a replacement name since Thianella was already occupied). Tasa consists of only two species and is known only from males. The type and only specimen of T. davidi is very damaged and lacks an abdomen. It is said to be close to the second species T. nipponica from Japan. The general features of this latter species appears to be similar to those of Thiania. The cephalothorax is shiny yellowish-brown with the eyefield brownish. The abdomen is dark grey with vague greyish-brown chevrons. There are longitudinal lines of yellow dots on the sides and the spinnerets are black. Legs I are brownish-grey and the remainder yellowish-grey with greyish annulations near some of the joints, Distribution: T. davidi is known only from S. China and T. nipponica is known only from Japan. Murphy & Murphy 2000: 316.

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