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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Genus Servaea Simon, 1888

TYPE SPECIES S. vestita [villosa]

Diagnoses of genera of South East Asia: Servaea (8; ?). Only S. murina Simon, 1902, described from the female only, is recorded from
our area. The carapace is oblong, narrowing very slightly towards the front and rounded near the rear. It is basically black with a silky yellow 
 pubescence and some long black hairs. The abdomen is a flattish broad oval. It is brownish with variable dark marks and a silky yellow
 pubescence. The front legs are dark brown, the rest yellow with dark annulations and all with a yellow pubescence and long hairs. Metatarsi I
 carries ventrally, 2 pairs of long, strong spines. Male and female genitalia typical of the genus are drawn by Proszynski 1984 and 1987. Habitus, 
chelicerae and genitalia of an Australian species are drawn by Davies and Zabka, 1989.
Distribution: Save for the Java species, all the other Servaea species come from Australia and Tasmania. Murphy & Murphy 2000: 280. By
 courtesy of the Authors' and the Malaysian Nature Society.
Copyright © for the page by J. Proszynski, 2000.