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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Genus Salticus Latreille, 1804

Diagnoses of genera of South East Asia: Salticus (4.2; ?), elsewhere (3.5-7; 3-5). Other than the uncertain Salticus, S. melanopus, (51.1.1), S. potanini is the only other species of this widespread genus reported from our area. The abdomens of Salticus species are typically marked with a black and white pattern. Some species having clearly marked transverse, black and white stripes are popularly referred to as "zebra spiders". Mature males have characteristically long and stout, forward pointing chelicerae on which they rest their long, thin palps. The cephalothorax is fairly flat, long and U-shaped. The carapace of the female S. potanini is dark reddish brown anteriorly becoming somewhat lighter on the thorax. The abdomen is oval and about twice as long as broad. It is greyish-white in colour. The legs carry long black and white stripes. Salticus is found on rocks and tree trunks in the open where the sun can reach. It is not unusual to find S. scenicus on the sunny walls of a house or garden.
Distribution: For a long time Salticus was used as a salticid dump, and many species originally described in Salticus have been transferred elsewhere. The residual species indicate that Salticus is largely palaearctic in distribution with some species reaching the Mediterranean region and southern Asia. A few species occur in North America. S. potanini reaches S. China. Murphy & Murphy 2000: 279. By courtesy of the Authors' and the Malaysian Nature Society.

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