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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Genus Rafalus Proszynski, 1999

[COLOR PHOT [R. insignipalpe ] [R. lymphus]
DRAWINGS: [TYPE SPECIESR. christophori ]
[R. feliksi] [R. insignipalpe ] [R. karskii ] [ lymphus] [R. nigritibiis comb.n. [R. sp-1 See also Description] [R. sp-2 See also Description] [R. sp-3 See also Description] [R. stanislawi] [R. variegatus] [R. wittmeri ] ]


NB. Genus dedicated in memoriam of the late Professor dr Jan Rafalski of th Poznan University, to whom many zoologists in Poland is very much indebted, the Author of description of this genus included. This paper was to appear printed in "Genus" (Wroclaw: 1997 vol. 8) in a volume dedicated "in memoriam" to Jan Rafalski. For the reasons other than scientific, it was ultimately published in 1999, after years of delay, in a Russian periodical "Arthropoda Selecta". J. Proszynski.


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