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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library by Jerzy Proszynski 2006
Regional Guides for Identification of Salticidae  

Including also pictorial  indexes for:  Palaearctic Region,  Oriental Region, Indian Subcontinent, Tropical Africa,
N America, Latin America, Pacific Islands, N Zealand, Galapagos, Hawaii, Australia

   A pictorial browser of genera of Salticidae of the World
by subfamilies and groups 
 25. Sitticinae

(following Maddisons's http://salticidae.org/salticid/maddison/browser2.html) 
 See Subdivision of the family, and also  other groups: 1.  Lyssomaninae  2. Spartaeinae 3.Euophryinae 4. Aelurillinae 5. Heliophaninae 6. Pelleninae  7. Plexippinae
 8. Myrmarachninae  9. Hisponinae 10. Miscellaneous  African + European 11. Astiae 12. Holoplatys group 13. Simaetha group 14. Sandalodes group 
15. Elongate Marpissa-like from Australasia  16. Dioleninae 17. Miscellaneous Australasian & SE Asia  18. Freyinae  19. Marpissinae  20. Dendryphantinae 
21. Synageles group 22.Ballineae 23. Amycinae  24. Thiodininae 25. Sitticinae   26. Synemosyninae 27. Hurieae 28. other Amycoida 
29. Miscellaneous American  10. Miscellaneous  African + European 17. Miscellaneous Australasian & SE Asia 

Jollas amazonicus Type species Jollas geniculatus (from Venezuela) Oningis = Jollas but "Oningis" crassus (S Domingo) Semiopyla cataphracta (1 mm long!), Sitticus common character distinguendus group distinguendus floricola group rupicola floricola penicillatus group penicillatus saxicola group saxicola terebratus group terebratus pubescens group pubescens canus (Peru)