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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library by Jerzy Proszynski 2006
Regional Guides for Identification of Salticidae  

Including also pictorial  indexes for:  Palaearctic Region,  Oriental Region, Indian Subcontinent, Tropical Africa,
N America, Latin America, Pacific Islands, N Zealand, Galapagos, Hawaii, Australia

   A pictorial browser of genera of Salticidae of the World
by subfamilies and groups 
 24. Thiodininae

(following Maddisons's http://salticidae.org/salticid/maddison/browser2.html) 
 See Subdivision of the family, and also  other groups: 1.  Lyssomaninae  2. Spartaeinae 3.Euophryinae 4. Aelurillinae 5. Heliophaninae 6. Pelleninae  7. Plexippinae
 8. Myrmarachninae  9. Hisponinae 10. Miscellaneous  African + European 11. Astiae 12. Holoplatys group 13. Simaetha group 14. Sandalodes group 
15. Elongate Marpissa-like from Australasia  16. Dioleninae 17. Miscellaneous Australasian & SE Asia  18. Freyinae  19. Marpissinae  20. Dendryphantinae 
21. Synageles group 22.Ballineae 23. Amycinae  24. Thiodininae 25. Sitticinae   26. Synemosyninae 27. Hurieae 28. other Amycoida 
29. Miscellaneous American  10. Miscellaneous  African + European 17. Miscellaneous Australasian & SE Asia 
. Banksetosa 
notata  (Panama)

Cotinusa(unclear - is it pluridentaot or unidentati?)
Cotinusa  sp   (tgeg35)                                                         distinct                  trifasciata                           puella
- unclear - is it pluridentaot or unidentati?[Attention: Simon 1901a list  Cotinusa as Pluridentati (pages 456-468) and Gophoa as Unidentati) (p.588-589) (synonymyzed by Galiano 1963b: 360)]  

Nilacantha  = Thiodina 

 puerpera                             Thiodina silvana 

compta (Haiti) 



multicaudata (Brazil: Sao Paulo)