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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Genus Evarcha Simon, 1902

COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS: [ Evarcha - several species by Nieuwenhuys] [arcuata ][cara][culicivora] [ falcata by B. Knoflach] [ hoyi by G. B. Edwards] [ jucunda by H. Metzner] [jucunda by Holstein] [jucunda by B. Knoflach][praeclara] [proszynskii - by O. Berlov]

DRAWINGS: [TYPE SPECIES falcata by Proszynski]
[ acuta][alba][ albaria] [annae] [ arcuata] [armeniaca ][bakorensis] [bihastata ] [ bulbosa][cf. bulbosa][ cancellata] [ cara] [certa] [ chappuisi ] [constricta] [ chubbi ] [ coreana][crinita] [culicivora][darinurica][digitata] [ dotata ] [ elegans ] [ eriki]
Evarcha falcata complex (according to Marusik, Logunov 1997)
[ falcata by Proszynski also by Zabka and ... by Logunov] [ hoyi ] [ laetabunda] [ laetabunda ... by Logunov] [ michailovi by Logunov and by Rakov] [ proszynskii ]
[ fasciata] [ flavocincta] [ gausapata ] [ hirticeps ] [ hunanensis ] [ infrastriata ] [ jucunda ] [ kirghisica ] [ kochi] [maculata]
[ madagascariensis] [ mongolica
no drawing][ negevensis ] [ nepos] [ nenilini ] [ nigricans]
[obscura][ optabilis] [ orientalis] .............[ paralbaria ] [ patagiata] [ petrae] [ pileckii ] [ pococki]
[ praeclara from Arava - by J. ProszynskiSee also Description] [ praeclara from Yemen + color phot] [ cf. praeclara] [ pseudopococki ] [ pulchella ] ............[ reiskindi ]
[ sichuanensis ] [ similis
Wesolowska, nec Caporiacco] [ vitosa ] [ wenxianensis ] [ wulingensis ] [ sp. from "Syria"See also Description] [ sp-Peng ]

Evarcha placed in other genera: [ Viciria alba ]

Misplaced species [ natalica - apparently Euophryinae]

Diagnoses of genera of South East Asia: Dull brown, stout to large salticids. Found on shrubs and plants.
General remarks: Species in this group tend to be found in silken cells in low vegetation in the open. They are not very colourful and are sturdy, solid-looking spiders. Genus: Evarcha. See also Koh, p. 105. This a very well known and widespread genus. They are stocky, dull brown coloured spiders, often associated with shortish plants in damp areas. The cephalothorax is thick, the top fairly flat with the rear of the thorax and the sides very steep. In plan, the carapace is a broad oval, longer than wide and truncated at the rear. The abdomen is oval, slightly pointed near the spinnerets. The legs are not particularly long but quite spiny, with legs I very slightly more robust than the others. For the female E. flavocincta, the cephalus is shiny black and the rest of the carapace yellowish-brown with streaks of dark brown hairs radiating from the fovea. The abdomen is greyish with numerous, dark brown flecks, anteriorly and posteriorly. It has a white median stripe bordered with two long black patches. The legs are fairly uniform yellowish-brown in colour.
Distribution: Evarcha is widely distributed throughout the Holarctic. There are a few species from our area and the Moluccas, with single species recorded from S. America, Africa and Australia. Murphy & Murphy 2000: 331. By courtesy of the Authors' and the Malaysian Nature Society.

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