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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Copocrossa Simon, 1901

Murphy & Murphy 2000: 311. Diagnoses of genera of South East Asia: 51.4 Colourful mimics of ?wasps or ?beetles. Found on shrubs.
Genus: Copocrossa. Two species of this small genus, C. politiventris Simon, 1901 from P. Malaysia and C. harpina Simon, 1903 from Sumatra, occur in south east Asia. The cephalothorax of the type is flat and in plan an elongate oval, truncated at the front and rear. It is dark purplish in colour. The surface is smooth on the cephalus, punctate on the sides and the thorax, with some white hairs on the sides. The rounded abdomen is long and oval, black in colour, shiny on top and with short white hairs on the sides. The shiny black front legs are long compared with the others, with the femur, patella and tibia swollen. The tibia carries some short, stout spines ventrally. The other legs are pale and without spines. The general appearance and genitalia resemble those of Marengo.
Distribution: Copocrossa is known from Africa, P. Malaysia, Sumatra and Australia (Queensland). Murphy & Murphy 2000: 311. By courtesy of the Authors' and the Malaysian Nature Society.

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