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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Genus Chalcoscirtus Peckham et Peckham, 1885

COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS [alpicola] [infimus]

[TYPE SPECIES][infimus ] [infimus by Logunov]    
[alpicola  Tirol specimens] [alpicola - Siberian specimens] [ansobicus][asiaticus][ atratus s. brevicymbialis ] [bortogloi] 
[carbonarius] [catherinae] [charynensis ] [ flavipes] [glacialis] [cf. glacialis - Siberian specimens] grishkanae]
[ helverseni ] [hosseinieorum] [ hyperboreus] [ insularis] [iranicus ] [ janetscheki ] [ jerusalemicus] [ kamchik][karakurt]
[ kirghisicus] [kopponeni] [lepidus] [martensi] [michailovi ] [minutus] [ molo ] [ nenilini ] [nigritus ] 
[paraansobicus] [parvulus ] [pauper] [platnicki ] [ pseudoinfimus] [ rehoboticus ] [ talturaensis]     
[ tanasevichi ] [ tanyae ] [ vietnamensis] [zyuzini ] [n-sp-cf ] [ n. sp. from Central Asia by Proszynski] 


Genus: Chalcoscirtus. Murphy & Murphy 2000: 341. Only one specimen of this widespread genus has been reported from our area [S Asia]. Some species look like, and have been confused with, Euophrys. The cephalothorax is fairly thick and wide, longer than wide and almost parallel-sided. The abdomen is oval, flatfish and rather smaller than the cephalothorax. The legs are shortish and stocky. The carapace is brown with the eye surrounds darker. The abdomen is light brown becoming darker near the edge and completely covered with a scutum. Legs I are orange-brown in colour and the other legs grey-orange. The entire tegument of males reflects light very well and gives them a very shiny appearance. Only the carapace and legs of females produce the same effect. Distribution: Chalcoscirtus is distributed throughout the Holarctic and in Vietnam. By courtesy of the Authors' and the Malaysian Nature Society.

[European Ch. infimus lives on the ground in very warm, insolated places - J. Proszynski]
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