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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2006

A working list of photographs and drawings of Salticidae from Yemen
from a paper: Wesolowska W., van Harten A. (in press).
New data on the jumping spiders (Salticidae, Araneae) of Yemen.
Fauna of Arabia, 2006: XXX-XXX, figs X-XXX, phots X-XX. not accessible for users of the monograph

Aelurillus faragallai - drawings
Bianor albobimaculatus  - drawings
Dendryphantinae Gen. sp. (labelled as  female Plexippus clemens)  Phots 33-34.
Euophrys kawkaban - drawings  
Evarcha arabica - drawings  
Evarcha dotata  Phot 01-04.  [See also also the same species as Evarcha cara ]- 
Evarcha dotata  - drawings 
Evarcha improcera  Phot 05-06.  
Evarcha improcera   - drawings  
Evarcha picta  - drawings 
Evarcha praeclara    Phot 07-10. 
 Evarcha praeclara  - drawings
Evarcha seyun - drawings
Habrocestum gibbose   - drawings 
Habrocestum ignorabile - drawings
Habrocestum inquinatum- drawings
Habrocestum virginale - drawings
Harmochirus luculentus    Phot 11-12. 
Harmochirus luculentus - drawings
Heliophanillus fulgens  Phot 13. 
Heliophanus cassinicola - drawing
Heliophanus cassinicola  Phot 14-15. 
Heliophanus dux    Phot 17-18. 
Holcolaetis vellerea  - drawings
Langona [?] sp.
Phot 18. Langona redii (??) - drawing Langona tartarica (??) - drawing Menemerus pallescens - drawing Menemerus patellaris - drawing Mexcala monstrata Phot 19-20. Mexcala monstrata - drawing Modunda staintoni - drawing Modunda staintoni Phot 21-22. Mogrus fulvovittatus - drawing Mogrus logunovi - drawing Mogrus mathisi - drawing Myrmarachne tristis
from Yemen Phot 23. Pellenes epularis - drawing Pellenes geniculatus - drawing Pellenes lucidus - drawing (nom. preocc.) Phlegra sp. nov. ( identified as Phlegra bresnieri) Phot 27-28. Phlegra sp. nov. ( identified as Phlegra bresnieri) - drawing Planiemen rotundus (as Pachyballus rotundus) [ATTENTION - Phots 29-30, in the text of paper written as 21-22]
Planiemien robustus - drawing (syn. Pachyballus rotundus) Plexippus cf. tectonicus ( labelled as male Plexippus clemens) Phot 31-32. Plexippus cf. tectonicus ( labelled as male Plexippus clemens) - drawings male Plexippus clemens = Plexippus cf. tectonicus Phot 31-32. female Plexippus clemens = Dendryphantinae Gen. sp. Phots 33-34. Pseudicius "braunsi" - drawing Pseudicius sheherezadae - drawing Pseudicius tamaricis - drawing Rafalus insignipalpis- drawing Rafalus lymphus - drawing Rhene marmorea - drawing Rhene obscura - drawing Thyene imperialis - from Yemen
Phots 37-40. No drawings Tusitala yemenica - drawing Xuriella marmorea - sp. nov. Phots 35-36. (no drawings, not described because immature) Yllenus saliens - drawing Distribution of Salticidae in Yemen

All photographs by Barbara Knoflach. Drawings by W. Wesolowska. Copyright © for the page by J. Proszynski, 2006.