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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2001

Supplement: Biographies of Arachnologists
Wanda Wesolowska


Polish taxonomist, engaged in research on Salticidae. Born in 1950, studied biology at Poznan University; as a student she was interested in ornithology, her early works were devoted to birds. Begun profesional employment at Teaching College in Siedlce she has shifted her interest to jumping spiders and remains true to them. She later moved to Wroclaw University where she is employed now. She received her PhD for thesis deling with taxonomy of large Salticidae genus Heliophanus containing over 100 species; she has also reconstructed the evolutional history of this genus on the base of the recent species distribution. She wrote later papers on salticids of Eastern Palaearctic (Korean Peninsula, northern Mongolia, the Russian Far East, the last together with D. Logunov, and Turkmenistan). The main areas of her interests are now faunistic and taxonomic studies on Salticidae of Palaearctic and Afrotropical Regions. She is co-author (with A. van Harten) of the monograph on Yemen salticids. Recently majority of her research dealt with jumping spiders of Africa: Maltecora, Festucula, Massagris and Harmochirus are among African genera she revised taxonomically. One of her last papers is the revision of African Menemerus species (for which she received second doctor degree = dr hab.). She described numerous new species from many parts of Africa. Together with A. Russell-Smith she elaborated spider fauna of large game reserve in Tanzania. The spider biodiversity is also part of her interests. In her recent paper (with M. Cumming) she reports the occurrence of about 40 Salticidae species in a small garden in Zimbabwe. With other African colleagues she works on recently discovered termite hunting salticids. African ant-mimicking jumping spiders are her newest interest. She also plans revision of genera Pachyballus and Stenaelurillus
See also list of papers by Wesolowska].

Wesolowska W., van Harten A. (in press). New data on the jumping spiders (Salticidae, Araneae) of Yemen. Fauna of Arabia, 2006: XXX-XXX, figs X-XXX, phots X-XX. Temporary survey.

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