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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2001

Supplement: Biographies of Arachnologists
Ekaterina Mikhailovna Andreeva

(Katarzyna Andrejewa-Proszynska)

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Lived in Central Asian Republic Tadjikistan, belonging to a social group of intelectuals, stranded there at various periods at that seemingly end of the World. It was a very stimulating environment, represented very high intelectual level. From childhood Andreevea participated in entographical and archeological expeditons, lasting many months each year, which studied vanishing native cultural customs of various Tadjiik tribes, or digged out relicts of past cultures. Studying biology at Tadjik University she selected as her reseach topic spiders, because that was one of highest challenges: almost completely unknown, without access to specialists and modern literature. She spent 10 years on collecting spiders in difficult accessible environments: Central Asian Mountains (which she climbed alone up to 6000 m), and in lowland deserts (with temperatures reaching 50 degrees centigrades). She received equivalent of PhD ("candidate of sciences") in 1971.

In 1972 Andreeva moved to Poland, where become lecturer ("adjunkt"), and later senior lecturer in zoology in Wyzsza Szkola Rolniczo-Pedagogiczna (Teachers Training and Agricultural College) in Siedlce, Poland.

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