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Jerzy Proszynski
synthesis of quotations in the world literature since 1757
[Version March, 2006]

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Gen.  Rhombonotus L. Koch, 1879 

type: gracilis

Davies, Zabka 1989: 202 - reinstated.
  . MF gracilis (L. Koch, 1879)    Australia 
   Rhombonotus g.: L. Koch 1879c: 1067, t 93, f 8; t 94, f 1 (D MF). 
   Rhombonotus g.: Davies, Zabka 1989: 202, t 9 (T from Ligonipes, s. L. illustris) 
   Catalogues: Bonnet 1955-1959: 2480; Roewer 1954: 938.
   COLLECTIONS: HAM - TYPE;  HAR - Ligonipes g.; LON(!). 

  similis Hasselt, 1892 = Ligonipes similis (Hasselt, 1892) (Bonnet 1955-1959: 2480)