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Muzeum i Instytut Zoologii PAN ul. Wilcza 64, 00-679 Warszawa POLAND

Jerzy Proszynski
synthesis of quotations in the world literature since 1758
[Version February, 2006]

Acknowledgement. this page benefited greatly from comparison with 
Platnick's World  Spider Catalogue 2005  Internet version 6.5
Gen. Pseudattulus Caporiacco, 1947 

type: kratochvili

  . F beieri Caporiacco, 1955 Venezuela 
   P. b.: Caporiacco 1955: 447, f 83 (D F). 
   Catalogues: Brignoli 1983: 652.

    . F incertus Caporiacco, 1955 Venezuela 
   P. i.: Caporiacco 1955: 446, f 82 (D F); 
   Sitticus cabellensis: Proszynski 1971a: 198-202, f 31-39 (D MF) - not documented synonym. 
   Sitticus cabellensis: Proszynski 1983a: map 14. 
P. cabellensis: Platnick 2006: Internet (fictitious combination mis-attributed to Proszynski 1971, resulting from questionable logical operation by Platnick in his Catalogue, transferring unchanged synonym to a new genus, and only subsequently changing its specific name. I tried to persuade Platnick not to "create" nonexisting combinations, but could not change his attitude. J. Proszynski, 2006). P. incertus: Ruiz, Brescovit 2005b: 756 [NB. statement "epigynum identical to Sitticus cabellensis: Proszynski 1971a: 198, f 31-39" and "probably belongs to a new genus" cannot be accepted as not documented by drawings of epigynum - J.Prószyński. Catalogues: Brignoli 1983: 655. COLLECTIONS: PAR - TYPES .
. MF kratochvili Caporiacco, 1947 Guyana P. k. Caporiacco 1947a: 34 (D MF). P. k.: Caporiacco 1948a: 729, f 162-163 (MF). Catalogues: Roewer 1954: 1242; COLLECTIONS: FIR.