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Muzeum i Instytut Zoologii PAN ul. Wilcza 64, 00-679 Warszawa POLAND

Jerzy Proszynski

synthesis of quotations in the world literature since 1758 
[Version July, 2005] 
Acknowledgement. This page benefited greatly from comparison with 
   Platnick's World Spider Catalogue 2004 Internet version 5.5 

Gen. Paramaevia Barnes, 1955

type: Maevia poultoni

     P.:  Barnes 1955: 7 (as subgenus n. of Maevia C.L. Koch, 1848); upgraded to genus rank by Barnes 1958: 49.
    NB. Richman, Cutler 1978, 1988 list the two species of Paramaevia under Maevia, but they did not provide any
    comments for that. I consider present conditions unclear and await revision. So in the present Catalogue I do follow the last 
    revisions on these taxa - that  is Barnes 1955, 1958. (By the way I am puzzled by the superficial resemblance of M palps
    in Maevia intermedia - M. expansa to Sitticus finshi and its closely related species). J.Proszynski. 
   . MF  hobbsi (Barnes, 1955)    USA 
   Maevia (P.) h. Barnes 1955: 9, f. 13-15 (D MF). 
   P. h.: Barnes 1958: 49 (N); 
   Maevia h.: Richman, Cutler 1978: 87 .
   Maevia hobbsae: Platnick 2005: Internet.
  Catalogues: Brignoli 1983: 641, 648. COLLECTIONS: HAR; N.Y. - TYPE. NB. Another 
  case of a favourite pastime of nomenclatorically minded taxonomists: according to Nomenclatorical Rules, adopted AFTER
  Barnes paper, the name of this species should spell "hobbsae", already used by a few authors, which to me personally 
  sounds like scratch of metal on glass. Of the other hand a number of names was returned to original misspelling, 
  disregarding habitual usage (cf. Hyllus keratodes vs. ceratodes) simply on the strenght of spelling at the first publication.
  Why not to stir another lovely controversy for the next century by sticking to the original spelling in this case? J. Proszynski. 
. MF michelsoni (Barnes, 1955) USA: FL Maevia (Paramaevia) michelsoni Barnes 1955: 10, f. 16-18 (D MF). Paramaevia michelsoni: Barnes 1958: 49 (C); Maevia michelsoni: Hill 1979: 217 (TMF from Paramaevia). Maevia michelsoni: Richman, Cutler 1978: 87. Maevia michelsoni: Platnick 2005: Internet. Paramaevia michelsoni: Proszynski 2005: Internet [based on comparison of drawings by Barnes]. Catalogues: Brignoli 1983: 641, 648; Platnick 1989: 590. COLLECTIONS: HAR; N.Y. - TYPE.
. MF poultoni (Peckham et Peckham, 1901) USA; Mexico Maevia p. Peckham, Peckham 1901b: 344, t 25, f 15; t 26, f 3 (D MF). Plexippus vittatus Banks 1905 (not Attus v. Hentz): 100, t. 2, f 6 (D M 0). Maevia (Paramaevia) p.: Barnes 1955: 7-9, ff. 10-12 (MF). P. p.: Barnes 1958: 49 (N). Maevia p.: Richman, Cutler 1978: 87. Maevia p.: Richman, Cutler 1988: 72. Maevia p.: Platnick 2005: Internet. Catalogues: Bonnet 1955-1959: 2696; Roewer 1954: 1014-1015; COLLECTIONS: HAR.- Maevia p. TYPE, Plexippus v. TYPE; N.Y.