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Jerzy Proszynski
synthesis of quotations in  the world literature since 1757
[Version June, 2006] 
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  Gen. Depreissia Lessert 1942 
type:  myrmex 
. MF decipiens Deeleman-Reinhold et Floren, 2003 Borneo - Mt. Kinabalu
 D. d. Deeleman-Reinhold, Floren. 2003: 336-338, , f 1-7 (D MF). 
.  M   myrmex  Lessert, 1942 Africa:  Zaire 
   D. m. Lessert 1942: 1, f 6-10 (D M). 
   D. m.: Wesolowska 1995: 715-717, f 1-5. 
   Catalogues: Roewer 1954: 1034; COLLECTIONS: TER. -D. m.