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Jerzy Proszynski
synthesis of quotations in  the world literature since 1757
[Version June, 2006] 
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Platnick's World  Spider Catalogue 2006  Internet version 7.0
  Gen. Cheliferoides F. P.-Cambridge, 1901

type: segmentatus.

C. Simon 1903a: 871.

longimanus Gertsch, 1936= Bellota longimana (Gertsch, 1936) (Maddison in this Monograph - supported by Richman, Cutler 1978: 84)

. F planus Chickering, 1946 Panama
C. p. Chickering 1946: 275, f 233- 236 (D F).
Catalogues: Roewer 1954: 1186; COLLECTIONS: HAR- C. p. TYPE.

. MF segmentatus F. P.-Cambridge, 1901 USA: AZ, TX?, Mexico to Guatemala
C. s. F. P.-Cambridge 1901: 254, t 22, f 12 (D M).
C. s.: Richman, Cutler 1978: 84 (N).
C. s.: Platnick 1984a: 171, ff. 1-6 (D F).
C. s.: Richman, Cutler 1988: 64 (N).
Catalogues: Bonnet 1955: 1040; Roewer 1954: 1187; Platnick 1989: 548. COLLECTIONS: HAR; FRANK- C. s.; LON- C. s. TYPE; NY - a jar.