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Jerzy Proszynski

synthesis of quotations in the world literature since 1758 
[Version July, 2005] 
Acknowledgement. This page benefited greatly from comparison with 
   Platnick's World Spider Catalogue 2004 Internet version 5.5 

Gen. Maeota Simon, 1901

type: dichrura

N.B. usually considered a synonymy of Poultonia Peckham et Peckham, 1900; revalidated by Galiano, 1963b (Brignoli 1983: 641).

. M   dichrura  Simon, 1901    Brazil 
   M. d. Simon 1901b: 69 (D M).
   M. d.: Simon 1901a: 567, f. 680 (M).
   Poultonia caudata Peckham, Peckham 1901: 225, pl. 2, f. 1 (D M).
   M. fusca Mello-Leitao 1917b: 144, f  6 (D M). 
   M. d.: Galiano 1963b: 387, t 25, f 16-18 (M); 
   M. d.: Proszynski 1976: f. 181. 
   M. d.: Galiano 1980a: 39 (S). 
   Catalogues: Bonnet 1957: 2693; Roewer 1954: 1095; Platnick 1989: 590. 
   COLLECTIONS: HAR - Poultonia caudata TYPE; PAR - M. dicrura. 
   fusca Mello-Leitao, 1917 = M. dichrura Simon, 1901 (Galiano 1980a:    39).