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Jerzy Proszynski

synthesis of quotations in the world literature since 1758 
[Version June, 2005] 
Acknowledgement. This page benefited greatly from comparison with 
   Platnick's World Spider Catalogue 2004 Internet version 5.5 

Gen. Ligurra Simon, 1903

type: latidens

   L.: Simon 1903a: 838, 842.
   L:  Berry, Beatty, Proszynski 1997: 128. 

   . F aheneola (Simon, 1885) Malaysia
   Simaetha a. Simon 1885d: 454 (D F).
   L. a.: Simon 1905b: 73.
   albostriata (Thorell, 1891) = Rhene rubigera (Thorell, 1887) (Zabka 1985: 444-445) 
   . MF  latidens (Doleschall, 1859) Malaysia to Indonesia, Philippines 
   Salticus l. Doleschal 1859: 21, t 10, f 6 (D F). 
   Homalattus l.: Thorell 1892: 262 (D M).
Simaetha severa Peckham, Peckham 1901a: 307 (D F).
L. l.: Simon, 1903a: 842, f 986-987 (M). L. l.: Proszynski 1983b: 287, f 17-18 (M). L. l.: Proszynski 1984c: 77 (MF). L. l.: Koh 1989: 109 (MF N, color phot.) Catalogues: Bonnet 1955-1959: 2481; Roewer 1954: 1008-09. Platnick 1989: 586. COLLECTIONS: BER; HAM; HAR.- Simaetha severa TYPE, L. l.; LON; STO - Rhene l.; WAR; WIEN. . MF opelli Berry, Beatty, Proszynski 1997 Pacific - Caroline Is. L. o: Berry, Beatty, Proszynski 1997 (in prep.): 128-129, figs 75-80 (D MF)