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Jerzy Proszynski
synthesis of quotations in  the world literature since 1757
[Version June, 2006] 
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Platnick's World  Spider Catalogue 2006  Internet version 7.0
  Gen. Encolpius  Simon, 1900

type: albobarbatus

E.: Simon 1901a: 427-428.

abrahami Mello-Leitao, 1948 = Noegus vulpio Simon, 1900 (Galiano 1968a: 271, 259; 1980a: 37)

. M  albobarbatus Simon, 1900 Brazil    
   E. a. Simon 1900a: 59 (D M). 
   E. a.: Simon 1901a: 427, f 474 (M).
   E. a.: Galiano 1963b: 348, t 19, f 6-10 (M); 
   E. a.: Galiano 1968a: 312. 
   Catalogues: Bonnet 1956: 1655; Roewer 1954: 962. COLLECTIONS: PAR- Eucolpius a. HOLOTYPE. 
   . MF  fimbriatus Crane, 1943 Guyana, Venezuela 
   E. f. Crane 1943: 135 f. 3J-N (D MF). 
   E. f.: Galiano 1968a: 312. 
   Catalogues: Roewer 1954: 963; COLLECTIONS: NY - TYPE, PARATYPE. 
   . MF  guaraniticus Galiano, 1968 Argentina 
   E. q. Galiano 1968a: 313, f 48-58 (D MF); 
   E. g.: Galiano 1979b: 310. 
   Catalogues: Brignoli 1983: 637. COLLECTIONS: Bue.- E. g. TYPE.