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Jerzy Proszynski
synthesis of quotations in the world literature since 1757
[Version June, 2006] 
Acknowledgemen, this page benefited greatly from comparison with 
Platnick's World  Spider Catalogue 2006  Internet version 7.0
  Gen. Amphidraus Simon, 1900 

type: auriga

. MF   argentinensis  Galiano, 1997 Argentina: Missiones 	
A. a. Galiano 1997: 33-36,  f 1-11 (D MF).  

. M    auriga Simon, 1900	Bolivia 	
A. a. Simon 1900a: 60 (D M).
A. a.: Simon, 1901a: 428,  f 475-476 (M).
A. a.: Galiano 1962c: 33-34,  t 2, f 1-3 (M). 	
A. a.: Galiano 1963b: 289-290,  t 4, f 6-7 (M).
A. a.: Galiano 1967b: 95-97. 
Catalogues: Bonnet 1955-1961: 299; Roewer 1954: 958. COLLECTIONS: Par. -A. a. HOLOTYPE.  

. MF  duckei Galiano, 1967	Brazil 	
A. d. Galiano 1967b: 97-98,  f 1-3 (D M); 	
A. d.: Galiano 1976e: 57,  f 1 (D F).; 	
A. d.: Galiano 1979b: 308 
Catalogues: Brignoli 1983: 632.  

nigritarsis Simon 1900 = Marma nigritarsis (Simon,1900) (Galiano 1963b: 289)  

. MF   santanae Galiano, 1967	Brazil 	
A. s. Galiano 1967b: 98-100,  f 4-9 (D  MF); 	
A. s.: Galiano 1979b: 308.
Catalogues: Brignoli 1983: 632. COLLECTIONS: Bue. -A. s. HOLOTYPE.