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Muzeum  i Instytut Zoologii PAN ul. Wilcza 64, 00-679 Warszawa POLAND  
Jerzy Proszynski
synthesis of quotations in the world literature since 1758
[Version December 2006]

Acknowledgement. this page benefited greatly from comparison with 
Platnick's World  Spider Catalogue 2006  Internet version7.0

References: Authors beginning with A

  NB. There are one year diferences in dates of numerous papers as quoted in the Catalogues of Bonnet and Roewer 
 and by authors following these Catalogues. This is presumably due to the diference between year of publication printed
 on frontispice of a Journal and the actual date of publication. In some cases perhaps also diferent editions may exist, 
 separately dated. This reflects on dating of names of taxa and opens the possibility of nomenclatural confusion on the
 priority of synonyms and homonyms. In the present Catalogue I have tried to follow the "real printing date" (usually 
 hidden and found with some dificulty), as far as I could find it. 

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